Sustainable Technology for Hospital Laundry Procedures in Australia

With the cost of hospital laundry services going up when using traditional water and gas connections, many Australian healthcare providers are looking for a more sustainable solution. Ozone Technologies is fulfilling this need with our unique OTEK Laundry System that meets all industry guidelines for laundry in healthcare facilities.

Ozone Systems for Enhanced Healthcare Laundry

How is hospital laundry cleaned? What is the typical cost of hospital laundry services? Ozone Technologies is familiar with these questions and more, as we’ve harnessed UV-generated ozone to create a better system for washing and drying hospital linens. We help hospitals save thousands on their laundry utility bills while ensuring all guidelines for laundry in healthcare facilities are closely followed.

How Is Hospital Laundry Cleaned?

For standard healthcare laundry, hospitals use rows of electric washers and dryers to clean linens and maintain proper infection control. However, there’s a much faster and smarter way to take care of hospital laundry procedures, and that’s through ozone technology. OTEK satisfies all guidelines for laundry in healthcare facilities and speeds up healthcare laundry processes with less water, gas, and drying time required.

Efficient Hospital Laundry Procedures

As highlighted in our numerous success stories over the years, the OTEK Laundry System delivers exciting benefits. The advantages of ozone laundry technology include:

  • Dramatic reduction in washing and drying cycle times
  • Enhanced cleaning chemical performance in cold water washing
  • Extended equipment lifespan with fewer maintenance costs
  • Up to 50% reduction in laundry operating costs
  • Up to 30% productivity savings and 90% reduction in energy use
  • Up to 40% reduction in water and dryer gas use
  • Lowers water board charges with cleaner, colder effluent
  • Effectively kills bacteria and viruses

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How is hospital laundry cleaned and what is the average cost of hospital laundry services? Ozone Technologies can walk you through all these answers and more as we remain committed to excellent quality and sustainability with the OTEK Laundry System.

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