Disinfection Benefits of Ozone Laundry Washing Australia

If your Australian business relies on thermal washing to sanitise your laundry and do multiple loads a day, it’s time for a change. You can take advantage of the many benefits of ozone laundry washing from Ozone Technologies, which helps fabrics last longer and ensures your laundry smells better. Let’s explore this proven way to treat your linens and the environment with extra care, with the best ways to wash your laundry.

Powerful, Environment Friendly Disinfectant

Ozone is one of the best ways to wash your laundry, as this sustainable technology quickly removes and washes away contaminants for faster, cleaner loads. If you want softer, long-lasting laundry, then this eco-friendly solution is a scientifically proven method that kills microorganisms 3,000 times faster than chlorine. As a powerful oxidant, ozone is an ideal cleaning agent, requiring fewer chemicals, lower temperatures, and quicker wash cycles for commercial laundry use.

Disinfection Benefits

How Does Ozone Laundry Work?

How does Ozone laundry work? As outlined in our MICROTECHAS4146-2000 Validation, environment friendly ozone laundry is just as effective as thermal washing, with bacteria testing commissioned on every OTEK system to confirm site regulatory compliance. This revolutionary laundry method makes the most of ozone, a naturally-occurring oxidizing gas.

Ozone laundry technology systems uses UV to generate ozone, which is then dissolved in cold water washing to sanitise your laundry and boost the performance of the chemicals to clean even the toughest stains on clothes and linens. This ozone water oxidises or destroys organic materials on laundry, including viruses, bacteria, mould, and other microorganisms.

Proven Microbiological Test Results for Ozone Laundry

Silliker Microtech® tested the OTEK ozone laundry system under the most rigorous conditions possible. Test garments were inoculated and processed with pre-determined amounts of bacteria, before residual bacteria colonies were extracted and counted.

OTEK Meets Laundry Standard

According to this prestigious micro laboratory, the measured reduction in CFUs meets the AS4146-2000 laundry standard and proves OTEK is an effective way to sanitise your laundry. Other companies perform microbiological testing by plating the linen with Rodac™ plates after processing and incubating the plates looking for residual microorganisms.

Ozone Laundry Microbiological Testing

This microbiological testing process can appear to give a complete reduction in bacteria. However, this is unreliable, as you do not know what quantity of microbes were there first (i.e. a final bacteria count of 10 on linen that originally had a bacteria count of 10, means the laundry disinfection failed). Also, the plating of linen surfaces does not identify the large amounts of bacteria potentially hidden in the fibre out of reach of the Rodac™ plate.

Plate testing only indicates that there is no heavy contamination of the linen after processing. The only process that provides complete elimination of microbes is sterilisation, and obviously, the laundry process is a disinfection process rather than sterilisation.


The results of the study clearly meet the requirements of AS/NZS 4146:2000 and show that the level of disinfection of the ozone system is at least equivalent to that of the thermal wash. As such, this study validates the OTEK ozone wash system as compliant with the current standard and as effective as thermal washing in terms of disinfection properties.

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