Aged Care

Sustainable Aged Care Laundry Systems in Australia

Ozone Technologies is committed to setting new laundry standards in aged care across Australia. We are raising the bar when it comes to cleanliness and cost efficiency, as we want to help our aged care clients do more with the revolutionary OTEK Laundry System.

Laundry Standards in Aged Care

Our aged care laundry success stories highlight how OTEK systems go above and beyond to reduce costs, conserve energy, and maintain a clean environment for both residents and staff.

So how exactly does OTEK help aged care providers exceed laundry standards? Well, a lengthy list of benefits makes a difference, as aged care providers recognise the value in:

  • Up to 50% reduced laundry operating costs
  • Up to 30% productivity savings
  • Up to 40% water use and 90% energy use reduction
  • Up to 40% less dryer gas required for cold water washing
  • Reduced chemical costs through better performance
  • Substantial savings with shorter washing and drying cycles
  • Reduced machinery maintenance costs with extended equipment lifespan
  • Cleaner and colder waste effluent to the drain for reduced water board charges
  • Increased linen life up by 300% in most cases
  • Kills pathogenic bacteria and viruses
  • Whiter, fresher, and softer laundry after washing and drying
  • No capital outlay with units paying for themselves
  • No linen residue or service interruptions

Addressing Aged Care Laundry Needs

We understand how important it is to provide clean, comfortable linen throughout all areas of aged care. That’s why we focus on high-quality laundry systems that are as functional as they are sustainable. With ozone laundry, aged care providers can expect reliable laundry solutions that perform well under pressure and enhance efficiency while reducing the risk of infection and keeping vulnerable residents safe. Australian aged care providers can rest assured OTEK meets updated infection control standards and Australian Standards AS/NZS 4146:2000 – Laundry Practice.

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