University Laundry Facilities for Schools in Australia

Superior laundry solutions combine modern technology with sustainable designs to ensure long-lasting laundry systems for schools and student accommodation. After all, it’s no secret that school uniforms and laundry can pile up, and with numerous daily wash cycles required, it’s important to make the right investment in laundry systems designed for the future. That’s where Ozone Technologies come in, offering premium laundry performance with the OTEK Laundry System.

Trusted School Laundry System

Over the last two decades, ozone laundry technology has really taken off, and OTEK has emerged as the leading laundry system preferred by childcare centres, boarding schools, universities, and other student accommodation. Both Australian and international schools can benefit from on-premise laundry that reduces energy and water consumption for greater cost savings.

School Uniforms and Laundry Solutions

More and more university laundry facilities for schools are opting for ozone technology, which truly transforms laundry service by speeding up cycles and reducing the reliance on water and dryer gas.

Any commercial location that needs to wash and dry school uniforms and laundry can look forward to these OTEK benefits:

  • Reduced laundry operating costs by up to 50%
  • Productivity savings of up to 30%
  • Reduced water and dryer gas use by up to 40%
  • Reduced energy use by up to 90%
  • Cold water washing boosts cleaning chemical performance for cost control
  • Dramatic reduction in washing and drying cycle times and machinery maintenance
  • Extends equipment lifespan while minimising carbon footprint
  • Cleaner and colder waste effluent to the drain may reduce water board charges
  • Increased linen life by up to 300% or more with whiter, softer, and fluffier linen
  • Kills pathogen bacteria and viruses for impressive infection control
  • No capital outlay as laundry system pays for itself
  • Deodorises the fabric so there’s no residual odours on linen

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Laundry facilities for schools benefit from ozone disinfection and reduced operating costs. Ozone Technologies is on a mission to help Australian schools get a greater return on investment with upgraded ozone laundry solutions.

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