About Otek


The industry leading OTEK laundry system is now successfully installed in every sector of the laundry landscape from small commercialestablishments to large public and government facilities.

Employing Ozone gas as a cleansing and disinfection booster the OTEK system exploits ozone’s highly active energy state to replace the use of heatin accelerating the work of the water and chemicals. The process speeds up the destruction of soil and micro-organisms.

Ozone gas is a tri-atomic allotrope of oxygen, in other words there are three atoms to an oxy- gen molecule instead of the normal two. And sinceOzone is unstable, in a wash cycle the extra atom disengages and combines with other chemical molecules, boosting their properties while simultaneously oxidising and decomposing soil.

The activity of ozone also expands the weave of the linen, helping to release ingrained soil and chemical redeposition. The result – improvedcleanliness, enhanced whiteness and colours and a high level of disinfection.


The patented OTEK laundry system utilises 185 nanometre ultra violet lamps to form small amounts of ozone. The ozone is then fed into the laundry machine throughout the whole length of the wash and OTEK customers benefit from an industry leading solution that:

With more than 1000 installed systems, small and large, OTEK laundry systems continue to produce outstanding results with many customers reporting:

In essence OTEK Laundry systems are not only self liquidating but deliver substantial cost and performance improvements in every key performance indicator.