Ozone Emissions Report

We specifically designed the OTEK ozone laundry system to emit minimal levels of ozone gas.

We have completed several of our own emission tests and have had two separate external tests carried out by certified companies including a leading air quality consulting company Heggies Pty Ltd.

In all cases we have proved beyond doubt that the ozone emission in the laundry is less than that found in a city street and under no circumstances are laundry operators ever at risk.

Even at high concentrations ozone gas is less harmful than gases produced by laundry chemicals such as chlorine. In over 100 years there is not one record of any person dying from ozone poisoning as compared to the thousands that have died or been hospitalised by common chemical poisoning.


There is more Ozone gas out on the street that in the environment where our systems operate!

Read the Heggies independent report below.


A simple comparison of an air measurement and a health benchmark can be thought of as a “screening” exercise, that is, the assessor is screening for possible problems.

If a majority of the concentrations observed are much less then the benchmark then it would be appropriate to conclude that a health impact is unlikely.

As all O3 concentrations observed during the monitoring period were below the ASCC standard it can be concluded that the risk to health of employees working within the area monitored due to O3 exposure are negligible.