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Commercial Ozone Laundry Systems in Australia

Welcome to Ozone Technologies, creator of the revolutionary OTEK Laundry System. Our sustainable laundry solutions are changing for the better the way Australian businesses operate, and we are so proud to manufacture cutting-edge systems using modern ozone technology.

We invite you to learn more about Ozone Technologies and discover our proprietary OTEK Laundry System today.

Superior Laundry Technology

As the manufacturer of the OTEK Laundry System, Ozone Technologies is at the forefront of incredibly innovative ozone laundry systems in Australia. There are many benefits to our commercial ozone laundry systems, including:
  • Up to of 50% reduction in laundry operating costs
  • Uses up to 40% less water and 90% less energy
  • Dramatic savings in washing and drying cycle times
  • Reduced machinery maintenance costs on unused heating elements
  • Cleaner and colder waste effluent to the drain reduces water board charges
  • Increases linen life by up to 300%
  • Eco-friendly as ozone reverts back to oxygen on completion of its function
  • OTEK deodorises the fabric and doesn’t leave a residue or odour
  • Modular unit for individual machines keeps laundry going in the unlikely event of a unit breakdown
The list of ozone laundry advantages goes on and on, as this technology offers a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly way to do laundry on a large scale.

Cold Water Washing Solutions

If you’re looking for a leader in ozone technology, you’ve come to the right place. The OTEK Laundry System from Ozone Technologies is developed and manufactured right here in Australia, and this cold water washing boosts performance, reduces chemical costs, and uses up to 40% less dryer gas. Ozone laundry is the way of the future, offering environmental and commercial benefits to suit many different businesses.

High Cleanliness & Safety Standards

The OTEK Laundry System dramatically reduces your carbon footprint and extends the life of your commercial laundry equipment. It’s all part of our ongoing commitment to exceptional cleanliness and safety standards. Our OTEK system meets the requirements of AS/NZS 4146:2000. The level of disinfection of the ozone system is at least equivalent to that of thermal disinfection. Washing with OTEK and the correct chemicals are compliant with the with the current standard and as effective as thermal washing in terms of disinfection properties.

Ozone Laundry on Demand

With the OTEK Laundry System, your laundry is whiter, fresher, softer, and fluffier after washing and drying. There’s no capital outlay, as OTEK units pay for themselves and deliver extra savings to benefit busy commercial businesses, both in Australia and internationally. We proudly serve a number of industries, including accommodation, aged care, commercial laundry, education, healthcare, and corrective services.

Sustainable Laundry Systems

Thanks to all the disinfection, environmental, and financial benefits, the OTEK Laundry System has become the preferred premium laundry solution for organisations focused on sustainability. Our success stories really do say it all as we help businesses pivot toward a more sustainable future.



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Invest in Commercial Ozone Laundry Systems

Ready for up to 30% productivity savings? Contact Ozone Technologies today on 1300 766 961 to explore our groundbreaking ozone laundry systems in Australia.