Commercial Laundries

Ozone Technology for Commercial Laundries in Australia

Considering there are numerous costs involved, commercial laundry equipment must meet high standards for modern businesses. Time is money, and the longer it takes for each wash and dry cycle, the more resources are required. That’s why ozone disinfection for commercial laundries is such a gamechanger, and Ozone Technologies is here to deliver premium solutions with the innovative OTEK Laundry System.

Fast & Clean Commercial Ozone Laundry Systems

The best commercial laundry equipment makes your laundry more hygienic and speeds up the overall process. With the right laundry setup and support, you can navigate common pain areas for commercial laundries, particularly the large volume of water and energy consumption. With Ozone Technologies’ OTEK Laundry System, commercial laundries can expect much smarter water efficiency by using less water and energy for every cycle.

Ozone Disinfection for Commercial Laundries

Investing in commercial ozone laundry systems is one of the best things Australian laundromats and other on-site laundry providers can do for their business. That’s because OTEK ozone laundry offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Kills pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and other micro-organisms much faster than chlorine bleach
  • Meets the Australian Laundry Standard guidelines for disinfection AS4146-2000
  • Produces white, softer, and fluffier laundry after each cycle
  • Cold water washing cuts down on cleaning and drying cycles
  • No capital outlay as OTEK units pay for themselves and more through savings
  • Ozone reverts back to oxygen on completion of its function, so there’s no residue on linen
  • Can increase linen life by up to 300% or more
  • Deodorises fabric while cutting carbon footprint
  • A modular unit for individual machines means the laundry keeps operating in the unlikely event of a system breakdown
  • Cleaner and colder waste effluent reduces water board charges
  • Extends equipment lifespan while reducing maintenance costs
  • Laundry system developed and made in Australia

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Ozone disinfection for commercial laundries is transforming the laundry landscape for the better. Ozone Technologies is here to help you get the most out of sustainable commercial laundry equipment around Australia.

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