The OTEK Breakthrough

Ozone laundry systems have been available for many years. The conventional technology used to generate ozone in laundries was developed over 50 years ago and has changed very little in that time.This method of manufacturing ozone is suitable for large water treatment facilities such as sewage plants, however when adapted for laundries the levels can be extremely high and have been known to cause damage to equipment and linen.

In addition the output of Ozone from electrical discharge systems is severely reduced by lint, dust, humidity and moisture, therefore oxygen feeders and continual maintenance is required to keep the system operating efficiently.

The scope of use of these systems is limited and the high costs involved usually require complex accountancy to justify its economy for most laundries.

The OTEK system retains all the benefits of using Ozone while eliminating the potential problems.

Because of the environmental problems facing the world today and the ability of ozone laundry systems to considerably reduce water use and reduce carbon emissions, Ozone Technologies Pty Ltd was set up to research and develop a new concept in ozone generation.

The system had to be cheaper, more flexible, more reliable and more suitable for a laundry application than systems currently on the market.

After 2 years of concentrated research at a cost of almost $2m, the OTEK laundry system was finally developed.

Extensive internal testing was undertaken in our laboratory as well as external laboratory examination including microbiological assays, linen wear, colour swatches, air quality testing, and thermal and hydraulic engineering studies.

As a result the OTEK ozone laundry system is validated to AS4146 Laundry Disinfection Standards, and conforms to international ISO Standards of manufacturing.

Read the AS 4146-200 Reports

Developed specifically for the laundry market OTEK units are built here in Australia with both Australian and International patents pending.

The OTEK system is unlike any other ozone system available.

It produces ozone in a completely different way to the corona discharge systems, and injects the ozone in a different way using our patent pending unique injection method.

The only real similarity between the two ozone systems is that ozone is used as a highly efficient bactericide in both applications.

The OTEK system produces ozone utilising the Ultra Violet lamp method which according to our testing validation makes the ozone much more suitable for use in the laundry environment.